Non-return valves BCVU 95 N thread

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  • Non-return valves BCVU 95 N thread DETAILS
    ∅D R Model S H Kg
    1/8 10-32UNF BCVU95 1/8-U10      
    NPT1/8 BCVU95 1/8-N01      
    NPT1/4 BCVU95 1/8-N02      
    NPT3/8 BCVU95 1/8-N03      
    5/32 10-32UNF BCVU95 5/32-U10      
    NPT1/8 BCVU95 5/32-N01      
    NPT1/4 BCVU95 5/32-N02      
    NPT3/8 BCVU95 5/32-N03      
    1/4 10-32UNF BCVU95 1/4-U10      
    NPT1/8 BCVU95 1/4-N01      
    NPT1/4 BCVU95 1/4-N02      
    NPT3/8 BCVU95 1/4-N03      
    5/16 10-32UNF BCVU95 5/16-U10      
    NPT1/8 BCVU95 5/16-N01      
    NPT1/4 BCVU95 5/16-N02      
    NPT3/8 BCVU95 5/16-N03      
    3/8 NPT1/8 BCVU95 3/8-N01      
    NPT1/4 BCVU95 3/8-N02      
    NPT3/8 BCVU95 3/8-N03      
    NPT1/2 BCVU95 3/8-N04      
    1/2 NPT1/4 BCVU95 1/2-N02      
    NPT3/8 BCVU95 1/2-N03      
    NPT1/2 BCVU95 1/2-N04      




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