About Brass Fittings



About Brass Fittings


Brass fittings are an essential part of any home or commercial plumbing system, providing a strong and secure connection between two water pipes. Made of solid brass, these fittings have been used for centuries as one of the most reliable and cost effective solutions for plumbing repairs due to their good heat transfer properties and durability. With a bit of care and maintenance, brass fittings will last for years without issue. Cleaning should be done with a non-corrosive liquid cleaner to preserve the brilliance and protect from tarnish. Although heavier than some other materials, it is worth the effort when considering that brass offers superior strength and stylish visual appeal.



What fields are brass fittings suitable for?


Brass fittings are durable and cost effective, making them popular in many industries worldwide. These fittings are most commonly used in plumbing applications, thanks to their low-friction components, ease of installation, and watertight structure. Additionally, these materials are resistant to corrosion from acidic chemicals or saltwater, making them ideal for many maritime occupations such as shipbuilding. Furthermore, brass fittings are often used in cooling systems due to their superior heat transfer properties compared to other metals. As a result of these versatile characteristics, brass fittings have been successful in fields such as engineering and aerospace manufacturing.



Features and advantages of brass fittings


Brass fittings are an immensely useful material often used in industrial and plumbing applications due to their strength and durability. A major benefit of brass fittings is their resistance to corrosion, making them the perfect choice for exposed hot or cold water systems. They can even be used in wet conditions with confidence that they'll remain secure - perfect for places where extreme weather conditions cause regular acidic rain or salt water exposure. Another advantage of brass fittings is its excellent thermal conductivity, providing more effective heat transfer than plastic or stainless steel. Additionally, brass fittings are relatively easy to work with and require fewer tools for installation compared to other materials such as galvanized steel piping. A final key benefit of brass fittings is their superior aesthetic value. Their sophisticated golden glow lends a pleasant look to any setting, adding a touch of old-world craftsmanship that increases the visual appeal of many projects.



Brass fittings cost and prices


When it comes to brass fittings, there is an incredible range of prices available depending on the size, type, and finish. Whether it's for a small do-it-yourself project or for a large industrial job, there are brass fittings that fit any budget. While some of the more ornate fittings can be quite costly, basic, economical brass fittings offer great value when compared to other types of metal products. And with today's vast online resources and brick & mortar stores, it's relatively easy to find the right mix of quality, cost savings and convenience to make any project within budget while achieving desired results.


China Brass fittings Manufacturer


Yiwu Vanzon Import And Export Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, is one of professional and leading manufacturer of pneumatic products, specialized in manufacturing nylon tubing, pu hose, air brake coils, pneumatic fittings, trailer cables as well as other customized parts.


Our factory is in ShaoXing Zhuji and Ningbo Yuyao. The manufacturing facilities of our company are big enough to fulfill your order, yet small enough to keep quality and customer satisfaction first. We have 15 tube production lines as well as 12 boilers to deal with air brake coils and trailer hose. Our hoses meets SGS, ISO14743, DIN 73378 ,DIN 74324 ,DOT Standard.


From the beginning, our purpose has been to provide quality tools and parts at a value price. We have a team of employees that work hard to ensure we offer the fastest response time without affecting the quality of the tools we provide.




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