Tube coiling

Definition of Tube Coiling


Tube coiling machines have revolutionized the way we manufacture tubes, providing a more efficient, cost effective and reliable way to produce high quality results. Tube coiling machines are designed to quickly and accurately coil round or square tubes into custom shapes. This process is often used in the production of exhaust systems, fuel lines, cooling systems and other automotive components. The advantages of tube coiling include reduced labor costs, improved accuracy and precision on complex geometries and improved product quality.

  • Benefits of Tube Coiling
    Outside Diameter 0.125 to 1.000 Inch  
    Wall Thickness 0.010 to 0.125 Inch  
    Coil Diameter Maximum 31″ Coil O.D.  
    Minimum – CLR = 4 to 5 x O.D. based upon material and wall  
    Workable Materials Aluminum Copper
    Brass Nickel & Ni Alloys
    Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
    Workpiece Type Coils  
    Straight Lengths  
    Tolerance ± .030″  
    Tighter tolerance available upon request  
    Production Rate 10 to 700 pieces/hour  
    Production Rate Variables OD, blank length, number of bends  
    Cleanliness No lubrication used for most applications  
    Comment CLR at least 4 to 1  
    Leg must be outside coil for automated coiling – leg inside design requires manual coiling  
    Equipment 6 Axis CNC AutoBend  
    Manual Coiling Machine  
    Serpentine Bender  
    Industries Served Aerospace & Aircraft Engine
    Air Compressor Gas & Appliance
    Air Conditioner Heat Exchanger
    Automotive OEM
    Beverage Utility (Power/Sewer/Water)
  • Applications of Tube Coiling


    Tube coiling is a versatile process used in many industries. It is used to produce components and products that are found in a variety of applications, from medical and automotive to aviation and nuclear energy. Here are some of the most common applications of tube coiling:


    1. Heat Exchangers: Tube coils are often used in heat exchangers, as they can be bent into complex shapes that provide maximum surface area for heat transfer.


    2. Automotive Components: Tube coils are frequently used to manufacture parts for the automotive industry, such as exhaust pipes, intercoolers, oil coolers, and brake lines.


    3. Medical Devices: Tubing coil technology is also widely used in the medical industry for making devices such as IV stands and catheters. The flexibility of tube coiling allows it to be bent into complex shapes while still maintaining structural integrity.


    4. Aviation Industry: Tube coiling is also essential for many aerospace components, such as fuel lines, hydraulic systems, and cooling systems. The tight bends and intricate patterns created by tube coiling make it ideal for creating complex parts with precision tolerances that ensure optimal performance in high-pressure environments like those found in aircrafts

    Applications of Tube Coiling

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