Syringe tube connector

Syringe tube connectors are the ideal solution for connecting syringes to tubing. They are easy to use and provide a secure connection between the two components. The connectors make it simple to connect various sizes of syringes and tubing quickly and reliably. They are also designed to be leak-proof so that no fluid is wasted during the transfer process. Syringe tube connectors can be used in a variety of medical applications, including infusion therapy, dialysis, and drug delivery systems. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for almost any medical application that requires the transfer of fluids from one container to another.

  • Types of Syringe tube connector
    Brand Name A AKRAF
    Cap Type Catheter Tip with Tip Adapter
    Capacity 200.00 milliliters
    Ean 7.10052E+11
    Graduation Interval 10.00 millimeters
    Item Volume 200 milliliters
    Material Polypropylene (PP) , Plastic , Rubber
    Part Number SIS-200T-1
    Specification Met  
    Style Classic
    UNSPSC Code 42142600
    UPC 7.10052E+11


  • Types of Syringe tube connector


    The Luer Lock is one of the most popular types of connectors, providing a secure connection between two parts. It is available in both male and female varieties, with the male being able to be connected directly to a syringe and the female being able to be connected directly to a tube or other component. The Luer Lock connector provides an airtight seal and is often used for intravenous administration or when precise measurements are needed.


    The Slip Tip connector is another popular type of connector, primarily used for injections which don’t require a precise measurement. This type has no locking mechanism – it simply “slips” onto the end of a syringe or tube without any effort. The Slip Tip connector is ideal for relatively low pressure applications, such as injecting medication into muscle tissue or collecting blood samples from patients.


    The Flip Top connector is similar in design to the Slip Tip but with one


    Syringe tube connectors are essential components of many medical devices. They allow for a secure connection between fluid delivery systems and syringes. In order to ensure reliable performance, it is important to choose the right type of syringe tube connector for your needs.

    Benefits of Using a Syringe tube connector

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