Pu hose

Pu hose technology is one of the most advanced, efficient, and reliable technologies available for distributing compressed air. It is a smart choice for companies looking to reduce their energy costs and improve the efficiency of their operations. Pu hose technology uses high-pressure air that is distributed through flexible, lightweight hoses. This innovative system allows you to distribute compressed air to distant locations quickly and accurately without the need for complex piping systems.

The primary benefit of using Pu hose technology is that it reduces energy consumption significantly compared with traditional piping systems. This means that you can save a lot of money on your energy bills while still ensuring that your equipment gets the power it needs when it needs it. Additionally, Pu hose technology is incredibly durable, as its hoses are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations. This makes them ideal for use in industrial or construction environments where they may be subject to harsh conditions.


  • Type Braided Polyurethane Hose
    Max. working pressure 232 PSI (16 bar)
    Min. burst pressure 928 PSI (64 bar)
    ID x OD 6.5 x 10 mm
  • Other Uses for PU


    PU is a robust and anti-abrasive material on its own, but it can be layered with other materials, in order to create stronger hoses.

    Our Paint & Fluid hose contains four layers. A polyamide liner, a PU interlayer, terylene reinforcement, and a PU cover for optimum flexibility. Fully flexible even at extreme temperatures, from 75oC down to minus 40oC, it is compatible with most manufacturers’ systems when used for spray paint purposes.

    Designed for use in welding applications, where tubing is likely to come in to contact with weld spatter and sparks, the Weld Spatter Tube is made up of a PU tubing, for optimum flexibility and abrasion resistance, with a flame retardant PVC, for added protection.

    The Multi-Purpose PU Lined Hose contains anti-abrasive PU lining, PVC compounds and polyester yarn, for added reinforcement. Ideal for pneumatic tools in general and anti-abrasive applications. The PU lining material is WRAS approved, making it safe for use with drinking water and food applications.

    PU hoses and PU tubes offer many benefits and are ideal for a variety of applications. Their abrasion and temperature resistance provide longevity and are best suited to environments that could weaken other hoses or tubes.

  • Pu pneumatic hose Characteristics

    Excellent flexibility, small bending radius
    Non-toxic, smelless
    Hardness is constant, long service life.
    Excellent performance of resistance against high pressure, vibration, corrosion, attrition and bending of PU air hose.

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