Nylon 12 tubing

Nylon 12 tubing is a great choice for use in a variety of applications that require the flexibility and durability of a reinforced plastic tubing. It is designed to provide excellent performance in both indoor and outdoor environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. Nylon 12 tubing offers superior strength and flexibility, withstanding extreme temperatures, UV light exposure, chemicals, oils, salts, and other harsh conditions without degrading its structural integrity. Additionally, this type of tubing is lightweight yet strong enough to resist pressure up to 5 times higher than standard polyurethane hose. It also has excellent resistance to abrasion and kinking while maintaining flexibility over long periods of time. This makes it perfect for use in high-pressure lines or any application where bending or flexing may be necessary. Nylon 12 tubing provides the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, durability and cost-effectiveness for any application requiring reinforced plastic tubing!

  • Nylon 12 tubing
    Application Air
    ColorBlack Black
    Hardness Shore D 60
    Inside Diameter 3/8 in
    Item Tubing
    Jacket Color No Jacket
    Jacket Material No Jacket
    Material Nylon
    Material Trade Name Not Applicable
    Material Trade Number Not Applicable
    Maximum Operating Pressure 267 psi @ 68 Degrees F
    Maximum Operating Temperature 175 Degrees F
    Maximum Vacuum Pressure 28 in Hg
    Outside Diameter 1/2 in
    Overall Length 50 ft
    Peristaltic Pump Compatible No
    PEX Type Not Applicable
    Reinforcement Not Reinforced
    Resistance Properties Chemical Resistant, Humidity Resistant
  • What is nylon 12 used for?

    Nylon 12 is mainly used for films for packing material in the food industry and sterilized films and bags for use in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. When added to polyethylene films, it improves water vapor permeability and aroma impermeability.


    Nylon 12 is a durable, industry standard material ideal for functional prototyping.


    Very flexible, good abrasion resistance, good-notched izod impact strength and better elongation at break compared with unmodified polyamide 12


    The Nylon 12 family offers the lowest water absorption at approximately 2% at saturation, translating into good dimensional stability and electrical properties. Tougher than nylon 11, this family offers comparatively low density as well as good chemical and stress crack resistance.

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