Dot air brake tubing

Dot air brake tubing


Dot air brake tubing is an essential part of any commercial and industrial air brake system. It is made from a durable, heat-resistant reinforced rubber that is designed to handle the high pressure and temperature of compressed air. It is designed to provide reliable and leak-free performance over long periods of time, even in the most challenging conditions.

Using Dot air brake tubing helps ensure that your commercial or industrial vehicle's brakes remain reliable and safe for years to come. The reinforced rubber construction ensures the tubing won't crack or burst under pressure, while its flexibility allows it to fit into tight spaces without compromising safety or performance. Additionally, Dot air brake tubing can be easily cut and shaped for custom applications—allowing you to get the exact length you need with minimal effort.

Ultimately, by using Dot air brake tubing in your vehicle's braking system you can rest assured knowing that your brakes will work reliably and safely for years to come.

Dot air brake tubing has been the go-to air brake system for automotive and commercial vehicles for decades. It's dependable, easy to install, and cost-effective. Plus, it's designed to meet the tough demands of modern vehicles and systems.

  • Dot air brake tubing
    J844-04-BL-100 100' 1/4" Nylon Black
    J844-06-BL-100 100' 3/8" Nylon Black
    J844-08-BL-100 100' 1/2" Nylon Black
    J844-10-BL-100 100' 5/8" Nylon Black
    J844-12-BL-100 100' 3/4" Nylon Black
    J844-04-B-100 100' 1/4" Nylon Blue
    J844-06-B-100 100' 3/8" Nylon Blue
    J844-04-R-100 100' 1/4" Nylon Red
    J844-06-R-100 100' 3/8" Nylon Red
  • DOT Nylon Air Brake Tubing


    DOT Nylon Air Brake Tubing


    Engineered Polyester Blend of Tubing Retains its Flexibility Longer Than Traditional Nylon DOT Air Line Tubing in Harsh Heat, Cold and Oil Conditions.  

    Our DOT Air Brake Tubing is Easy to Install – Fitting in Tight Corners.


      It’s Temperature Range of -85ºF to +200°F Combined with Light Weight, Long Fatigue Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Low Moisture Absorption and Flexibility, Makes it Strong and Vibration Cracking Resistant.  


    The Engineered Formulation of these Air Tube Fittings Retains its Flexibility and Resists Impact Cracking in Both High Heat and Sub-Zero Cold Weather Conditions

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