Dental handpiece tube

Dental Handpiece Tube


It is important for dental professionals to ensure they are using the best dental handpiece tube available. The right dental handpiece tube can make a huge difference in your practice and the quality of care you provide for your patients. Dental handpiece tubes must be made from high-quality materials that are durable and safe to use. They must also be designed to provide optimal performance, comfort, and accuracy.

  • Benefits of Dental Handpiece Tubes

    Benefits of Dental Handpiece Tubes


    Dental handpiece tubes are essential pieces of equipment for dentists and dental hygienists. They allow the user  providing precision control to ensure accuracy and better patient outcomes.


    1.Dental handpiece tubes provide superior control over delicate instruments. The curved shape of the tube allows for a secure grip on even the smallest tools, which reduces the risk of slips or drops that could damage sensitive teeth or gums. The ergonomic design also reduces fatigue on hands and arms during long procedures.


    2.Another benefit of dental handpiece tubes is their ability to reduce noise levels in the operating room. Many standard dental instruments can be quite loud when operated on their own, but when held within the insulated walls of a handpiece tube they become much quieter while still delivering effective results. 


    3.Many modern handpiece tubes are designed with autoclavable materials that can withstand high temperatures


  • Maintenance and Care for Dental Handpiece Tubes


    When it comes to dental handpieces, the tube is one of the most important elements. Regular maintenance and care for dental handpiece tubes is essential for extending the life of your equipment, as well as helping protect your patients from infection and cross-contamination. Here are some tips on how to keep your dental handpiece tubes in tip-top shape:


    1.Clean and disinfect your tubes regularly - Using a soft cloth and a disinfectant solution, clean the exteriors of all your dental handpiece tubes after each use. This helps to remove any debris or bacteria that may have collected on them during treatment.


    2. Use lubricants - Lubrication helps maintain a smooth performance for all your dental tools, including handpieces. Be sure to apply lubricant oil or spray directly onto the tube before each use to help reduce friction and wear-and-tear on the internal components.


    3. Replace parts regularly - Depending on how frequently you use your dental tools, you may need to replace various components such as bearings, turbines or gears more often than usual. Keeping up with regular maintenance will help ensure optimal performance of all parts at all times.


    4. Store tools properly

    Maintenance and Care for Dental Handpiece Tubes
  • A variety of handpiece tubing lengths to suit your needs


    • Handpiece tubing per foot
    • Handpiece tubing per 100' box
    • Handpiece tubing per 500' and 1000' reel
    • Pre-assembled handpiece tubing straight lengths with metal connector and nut


  • Most dental handpiece tubing available in 5 popular dental colors:


    • Black
    • Light Grey
    • Sterling
    • Sand
    • Surf
    • Custom colors also available for some handpiece tubing profiles

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