Carburetor needle valve

Carburetor needle valve is a very important component of any internal combustion engine. It controls the amount of fuel that enters the engine, and its adjustment can make all the difference between optimal performance and poor efficiency.

The carburetor needle valve has two parts: the needle itself and an adjustable spring-loaded piece (usually made of brass). The needle valve is responsible for controlling the amount of fuel that enters the engine, while the adjustable spring allows you to adjust how much fuel is allowed into the engine at any given time.

Adjusting your carburetor needle valve can be a tricky process, but it’s essential for getting your engine running smoothly and efficiently. A properly adjusted carburetor needle valve can make all the difference in terms of power output, fuel economy, and overall performance. With a few simple steps, you can get your engine running at its best!

  • carburetor needle valve
    Package Dimensions:  1.27 H x 9.906 L x 7.62 W (centimeters)
    Bore Size 1900/1/0 1:52:19
    Package Weight 0.022 pounds
    Country of Origin   United States
  • What does a needle valve do in a carburetor?


    Needle valves are employed in automated combustion control systems to regulate fuel flow. These valves are commonly used to shut off a pressure gauge or control the flow rate in flow metering devices. Needle valves control the flow of air to cylinders to control piston speed.
  • Advantages


    -Accurate flow control, especially for applications involving a low flow rate

    -Small size




    -High pressure loss because of the high restriction of fluid flow.

    -The needle and seat may get damaged if the fluid has suspended solids.

    -Examining the needle valve handle does not reveal whether the valve is open or closed.

  • How do you know if a needle valve is stuck?

    Depending on what type of engine and how the needle valve is connected to the float, the float will either move up or down or it will be a little stuck. If the float is stuck up lightly pull down on it. Doing this should unstick the needle valve, and gas should start coming out. If gas is coming out turn off the gas.

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