Stainless steel tubing fittings Male Threaded Coupling

Professional manufacturer and exporter of Pneumatic Fittings, Pneumatic Tubes, Pneumatic Accessories, Pneumatic Push-In Fittings, Pneumatic Connectors in China.

Through ISO9001:2000 certification, we insist on serving customers from all over the world with advanced technology and high quality. With an experienced and well-trained workforce, we can ensure the quality of every pneumatic fitting and air tube. We still adhere to the principle of "being a trustworthy manufacturer and responsible for customers" to provide excellent pneumatic products and competitive prices.

    Coding Size tubing Description
    10170S 20mm×1/2‘’ npt
    Male threaded joint, DN20-1/2‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    11170S 20mm×3/4‘’ npt
    Male threaded joint, DN20-3/4‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    20170S 25mm×1/2‘’ npt
    Male threaded joint, DN25-1/2‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    21170S 25mm×3/4‘’ npt
    Male threaded joint, DN25-3/4‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    22170S 25mm×1‘’ npt
    Male threaded joint, DN25-1‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    43170S 40mm×1-1/4'' npt
    Male threaded joint, DN40-1‘’1/4‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    44170S 40mm×1-1/2'' npt Male threaded joint, DN40-1‘’1/2‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    54170S 50mm×1-1/2‘’ npt
    Male threaded joint, DN50-1‘’1/2‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)
    55170S 50mm×2‘’ npt Male threaded joint, DN50-2‘’ (Stainless Steel Compression Type)


    Zhejiang Feitian Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in Shaoxing in 2008. Feitian company takes itself as a technical manufacturer of nylon tubing, pu hose ,air brake coils and trailer cables.



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