HDPE PIPE fittings water supply PE pipe socket joint male thread union

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    Remark Specifications(mm) Remark Specifications (mm) Remark  Specifications(mm)
    Equal Coupling
    20 Female Thread Coupling 20 x 1/2" Male Thread Union 20x 1/2"
    25 25 × 1/2" 25 × 1/2"
    32 25x 3/4" 25x 3/4"
    40 32x 3/4" 32x 3/4"
    50 32 ×1" 32 ×1"
    63 32 × 1" hexagonal 32 × 1" hexagonal
    75 40 x5/4" 40 x5/4"
    90 40 x5/4" hexagonal 40 x5/4" hexagonal
    110 50 x 3/2" 50 x 3/2"
    Equal Elbow 45° 20 50 x 3/2" hexagonal 50 x 3/2" hexagonal
    25 63 × 2" 63 x 2"
    32 63 x 2" hexagonal 63x 2" hexagonal
    40 75×5/2" hexagonal 75x5/2" hexagonal
    50 90 x 3" hexagonal 90 x 3" hexagonal
    63 110x 4" hexagonal 110x 4" hexagonal


    HDPE pipe fittings water supply PE pipe socket joint is a pipe connector used in water supply systems, which can be used to connect HDPE pipes. It has excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, compression resistance, heat resistance, and shock resistance, and can be maintained in good working condition for a long time.


    This type of pipeline connector mainly consists of two parts, namely pipeline ports and joints. The pipe port is a circular port, and its internal design allows it to be sealed and connected to HDPE pipes. The connector is a plug type design that can be inserted into the pipeline port and tightly combined with it to achieve pipeline connection.


    HDPE pipe fittings water supply PE pipe socket joint can be widely used in fields such as urban water supply, rural water supply, industrial water supply, etc., and is suitable for connecting various pipelines. Its use can reduce the workload and time of pipeline connection, improve work efficiency, and also ensure the safe and reliable operation of the pipeline system.


    Our company focuses on producing and selling high-end plumbing products, including HDPE pipe fittings and water supply PE pipe joints. Our products have excellent performance and quality, suitable for various plumbing fields.


    Among them, our HDPE pipe fittings can be provided in various sizes and types, suitable for different application scenarios. We use high-quality materials and advanced production technology to ensure that our products have excellent application effects and a long service life.


    Our water supply PE pipe joints adopt the latest technology and process, which can provide highly reliable and safe connections. Our PE pipe joint supports male thread union and can be used for various pipeline connection needs, making it a very ideal product.


    Our company can also provide customized products and services based on the specific needs of customers, providing them with the best solutions. Our goal is to become a trusted partner for customers and jointly promote the development of the plumbing industry.


    As a professional manufacturer and exporter, we can provide you with various models and specifications of HDPE pipe fittings water supply PE pipe socket joints to meet your needs in different fields. We are always committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services, and satisfying you is our unchanging goal.


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