Brass fittings

She was pleased to find the perfect brass fittings for her project. She had searched everywhere for the right parts, but now she had them in her hands. She was sure that these brass fittings would make her project look amazing.

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Through ISO9001:2000 certification, we insist on serving customers from all over the world with advanced technology and high quality. With an experienced and well-trained workforce, we can ensure the quality of every pneumatic fitting and air tube. We still adhere to the principle of "being a trustworthy manufacturer and responsible for customers" to provide excellent pneumatic products and competitive prices.

    MUZHAO D1  D2 Interface
    MZ19 0073 01 ½" ½" Internal thread
    MZ19 0173 01
    ¾" ¾" Internal thread
    MZ19 1073 01
    ½" ½"
    External thread
    MZ19 1173 01
    ¾" ¾" External thread
    MZ19 0273 01
    External thread--internal thread
    MZ19 1273 01
    External thread--internal thread
    MZ19 2073 01
    1" 1"
    Internal thread
    MZ19 4073 01
    Internal thread
    MZ19 5073 01
    2" 2"
    Internal thread



    ▪ MUZHAO ball valve and butterfly valve are regularly placed on the pipeline and some important positions,

    ▪ Such as the compressor outlet and the upstream of the air tool, it can be easily isolated, debugged and repaired;

    ▪ Quick connection;

    ▪ Provide a wealth of internal and external thread interfaces to facilitate connection with the original system.


    Brass fittings are essential components used in plumbing systems and various industrial applications. These fittings are made from high-quality brass, a metal alloy known for its excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance. Brass fittings are widely recognized for their reliability and longevity in plumbing and industrial settings.


    Brass fittings come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate different pipe sizes and connections. They include fittings such as couplings, elbows, tees, valves, and connectors, each serving a specific purpose in directing and controlling fluid flow. Brass fittings are available in various types, including compression fittings, threaded fittings, and push-to-connect fittings, providing flexibility and compatibility with different installation methods.


    Zhejiang Feitian Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in Shaoxing in 2008. Feitian company takes itself as a technical manufacturer of nylon tubing, pu hose ,air brake coils and trailer cables.



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